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Sarah J. Villareal


1530 Allesandro St.

Los Angeles, CA 90026


With a training in architecture and love of telling stories, I want to imagine worlds and the stories that play out in them that provides us a space to gain insight into conditions of possibility and wonder. Architecture is a unique way to see the world and through narrative there is an opportunity to understand and visualize the present. 



Southern California Institute of Architecture, Los Angeles


                Master of Architecture 2017          


San Diego Mesa College, San Diego


                Coursework in Architecture


University of California, Irvine


                BA Studio Art         




  • Film Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, 
  • Film Compositing: Nuke, PfTrack
  • Adobe Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat
  • Microsoft Office Suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint 
  • 3d Modeling: Rhino, Maya, 3ds Max, Vray, Nuke, PfTrack, Grasshopper, AutoCAD, Revit, Catia ICEM Surf

Physical Model Building

  • Experience with Laser cutting machine, CNC mill, Woodshop, Robotics Lab, 3d powder/ABS model printing



  • Writer, Director, Editor, VFX

  • Production of a short film for submittal to film festivals (Submitted to Sundance Film Festival)

  • ­Imdb credits: Neville (2018)


Tesla Design Studio


  • Contract A Class Surfacer 1 Design & Styling

  • Recruited for Digital Modeling Training Course for select group of recent graduates (from Architecture, Mechanical Design Engineering, Industrial Design)

  • One on one training with the Creative Director for an extended interview course where candidates are educated and tested on Tesla Digital Modeling/Design software/process

  • Intensive training in Catia ICEM Surf




  • Independent Contractor

  • Project manage and offer architectural and design services on the PUMA Neutra Los Angeles showroom and office 

  • Los Angeles liaison to New York and San Diego offices



Elysium Bandini Studios


  • Independent Contractor

  • Film Still photography and production services



Sci Arc Gallery Exhibition: Close-Up


  • Work with artist in design process, planning and execution of gallery show for visiting exhibitor “Body” Architect/Artist Lucy McRae

  • Fabricated the exhibitor’s prototypes in the shop as well as manage the exhibitors $3,000 budget                                   



'Big Dumb Buildings' Precedent Study


  • Book Editor

  • Edit Sci-Arc Class of 2017 2GB Precedent Study

  • Coordinate production in book material development of 320 page book 


Sci Arc Workshop: Hopscotch Pavilion                          


  • Assisted Sci Arc Design Faculty Constance Vale and Emmett Zeifman

  • Fabricated temporary pavilion using recycled vinyl cladding for Yuval Sharon’s experimental Hopscotch Opera built in the Sci-Arc parking lot


Wamma Films, 14880 Hours Production, Los Angeles

(06/2010- 06/2015)

  • Freelance Still Photographer

  • ­Imdb credits: Crescendo I (2011), The Bench (2015)

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